The Guitar Cases Band

Something magical happened when Ang Perusco joined the TheGuitarCases duo in a blistering set at the Goulburn Blues festival in February 2014. So now two guitar cases are joined by a fantastic harp player.

The Guitar Cases

  • Andy Daniels – lead vocals, guitar
  • Andrew Tatnell — lead guitar, cigar box guitar, vocals
  • Ang Perusco — harmonica, vocals, percussion, flute
  • Lawrence Dowsett — electric bass.

So a well as the original duo, we have a three or four piece (with bass) band that we can pull together for gigs. As a full band, people say we now sound a bit like an Aussie version of the Mavericks ;)

Check out these videos of TheGuitarCases Band playing some (country) blues:

Fraudster (original by Andy Daniels)

Gentle breeze (original by Andy Daniels)

Don't stand so close to the window (Paul Kelly)



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