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'Outlaw country blues with folk and rock influence' —that's the description of our music used at the last few festivals that we have played. Our latest CD Corrugated Blues has 12 original songs delivered with a range of instruments including resonator, electric, cigar box and acoustic guitars; harmonica, bass, pennywhistle and cajone.

We write songs about the environment, the follys of crime, a bit of politics (ok we are based in Canberra), the very occasional love song and anything else that hits us in the guts as a story that needs telling.

We are: Andy Daniels on vocals, resonator guitar, and Woodskin cajone; Andrew Tatnell on electric guitar, cigar box guitar and pennywhistle; Ang Perusco on harmonica, acoustic guitar and vocals; and Lawrence Dowsett on bass.

Andy and Andrew play as a duo for smaller gigs with Ang and Lawrence coming in to complete the band for larger gigs. We have many musical heroes including John Schumann, Johnny Cash, JJ Cale, Stuie French, Howlin Wolf, T-Bone Walker...

If you can't get to one of our gigs to buy a CD, our albums and songs are now available on Itunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon and Bandcamp.

TheGuitarCases second album: Corrugated blues

TheGuitarCases cd

Our second cd has twelve original songs that explores a blues direction with a bit of country and folk mixed in.

We launched it at the National Folk Festival in March 2016.

This album introduces Ang Perusco with some mean harmonica playing! He also plays some great acoustic guitar on a few tracks.

Other new stuff includes Andrew Tatnell bringing cigar box slide guitar to a couple of tracks and Andy Daniels on cajon drum featuring on most songs. So our sound is a bit more layered and bluesy for this album. Let us know what you think!

Many thanks to Sam King of Merloc studios for recording and engineering. And thanks again to Kimmo Vennonen of KV Productions for mastering and Troy Horse for replication and printing.

Descriptions and lyrics from Corrugated Blues are here. Or check this video of our song Angel at the Canberra Blues Society.

TheGuitarCases debut album

TheGuitarCases cd

Our first cd has twelve original songs that draw inspiration from blues, folk, country and rock.

Many thanks to Ian Blake of Blue Bear studios in Latham who has been very patient with us in the production process. And thanks to Kimmo Vennonen of KV Productions who did a fantastic job mastering, and Troy Horse for replication and printing.

Available at our gigs or online at Bandcamp, Itunes etc.

Samples of our songs are available via soundcloud below. Descriptions and lyrics are here. Or watch a video of one of our songs played live at The Pot Belly.

As mentioned, now available on Itunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon and Bandcamp.

TheGuitarCases Band

As well as the original duo lineup, we can play as a trio or a four piece band with Ang Perusco on harp and Lawrence Dowsett on double bass. Check out the band page for more info.

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