TheGuitarCases 2009 to 2019

Tone King and Telecaster

'TheGuitarCases began as a duo in 2009 and played until August 2019. The band was made up of Andy Perusco (Daniels) (on vocals, resonator guitar, and Woodskin cajone; Andrew Tatnell on electric guitar, cigar box guitar and pennywhistle. In around 2015 the band included Ang Perusco on harmonica, acoustic guitar and vocals; and a couple of years later Lawrence Dowsett on bass, with the duo continuing to play many gigs in and around Canberra.

Their albums and songs are available on Itunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon and Bandcamp.

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TheGuitarCases second album: Corrugated blues

TheGuitarCases cd

The second cd had twelve original songs that explored a blues direction with a bit of country and folk mixed in. It was launched it at the National Folk Festival in March 2016.

This album introduced Ang Perusco on harmonica and acoustic guitar on a few tracks.

Other new instruments included Andrew Tatnell bringing cigar box slide guitar to a couple of tracks and Andy Perusco (Daniels) on cajon drum featuring on most songs. So our sound is a bit more layered and bluesy for this album. Let us know what you think!

Descriptions and lyrics from Corrugated Blues are here. Or check this video of our song Angel at the Canberra Blues Society.

TheGuitarCases debut album

TheGuitarCases cd

The first cd had twelve original songs that drew inspiration from blues, folk, country and rock.

Many thanks to Ian Blake of Blue Bear studios in Latham who has been very patient with us in the production process.


As mentioned, now available on Itunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon and Bandcamp