Only one way to Memphis

Andy Daniels

Capo at 5th fret

Intro – short blues lick and then riff
Verse 1


There's only one way to Memphis
And that way's through heart
But you might wanna strike a blue note, baby
If you wanna make a start
There’s only one way to somebody's heart
and that way's through your own
But you don't know you head from your heart
and you can’t afford to leave it long.


chords only B - D - A - C

Verse 2

There's only one way to find out baby
and that way is to ask
And the one good way to mess your future
is to be fooled by your past
There’s only one way through the delta
That way’s with the flow
But you don't seem to know your head from your heart
And you just won't let things go.


Its not gonna beat you, if you don't let it
Love may eave ya, if you neglect it
Its not gonna beat you, if you don't let it
But if you run away, its guaranteed...you’re gonna regret it.