I wish I was Ned Kelly

Anj Perusco

D-E E-D-B /G- G-A G-A /D-E E-D-B/ A-G-E E G D A A


I wish I was Ned Kelly, with a long barreled gun
I'd take the nearest mail coach and I'd have all kinds of fun
I wish I had a wild horse and lived amongst the trees
The dust and the bullets and the troopers, you know what I mean.


Bm G D A

Ohh Kelly, your dreams are in my head Ohh Kelly, together we have bled.


Ned Kelly was a battler and he'd clearly had enough.
But he was a murdering villain, who didn't like the system much
Well you couldn't tell him nothing, and they shot him in the leg
But there was something about him, and it's more than often said.


Mid 8 E Sergeant Whelan never liked you Kelly G
The system doesn't like you Kelly D
Wanted dead or alive Kelly A
May God have mercy on his soul.


D-E D-E-E (X8) 3.


And if you've got a drop of convict blood, then you might understand
How a young and cunning devil, could terrorise our land
Maybe you can see him, when you close your eyes at night?
Or maybe after a drink or two, you'd like to start a fight?