Corrugated blues — lyrics and chords

A break between sets
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Tell my mama

So I'm in an outlaw country blues musician. Tell my mama 'This will not be my fate'.

Goodwill is leaving town

When you live in 'politics' town, sometimes its hard to stay optimistic.

Lonely soul

About a friend who was losing his life to drugs. Thankfully, I hear he's doing well these days.


Let's hope the closest we get to being in prison is by performing there. Just like our hero Johnny Cash.


If you feel like you've got a lot more to live and to give, let's hope you can keep the Angel of Death at bay.

Plagues your mind

When you lay awake at night wondering what your purpose is in life.

Sky don't cry

About the lead character in the movie, 'Crazy Heart'.

Promised land

Times have changed. In the 1950s and 60s Australia was the promised land for immigrants and the new labour helped build a beautiful nation. Now sadly, immigration has become a political football.

Beloved's return

The relief you feel when you're reunited with the one love.

Insular peninsula

Lived in the shire at the time of the Cronulla riots. Is it really possible to love anyone when you're filled with hatred?

I wish I was Ned Kelly

Why is our most famous criminal revered by so many? Is it our convict history influencing us?

Only one way to Memphis

Don't expect to receive love if you can't open your heart, or if you can't find that blue note on the guitar...