TheGuitarCases debut album — lyrics and chords

A break between sets
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Blues healing

This is why we sing the blues, to heal.


A song about white people and our inability to understand other cultures.

The night is young

‘We’re going to sing till midnight comes, we’re going to dance till dawn arrives…’

Steal me to the sun

‘The darkest emotions are plumbed for their thrill…’. Are we on a mission to explore and overuse everything regardless of the wisdom of doing so?

Joanna (Joe-Anu)

About Joe Cinque and Anu Singh.

Funeral pyre

Leaving your old self behind and starting anew. View movie

Hold me tight

It is all too easy to fall into the grip of romance.

Gentle breeze

Just when most needed.


In an old car, bouncing along a country road, you can get carried away by the moment.

Met your eyes

‘I love the lilt of your song…’

Mystery of you

She’s the great illusion; she can’t be known.


Definitely not about weather; some people have a self destructive urge to constantly
move on to something new.