Gentle Breeze

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Andy Daniels

Been feeling a little uneasy, with the direction of my life
Seems that everything I do, puts me into strife
I’ve been headed on a warpath, but the action’s somewhere else
And I just keep on blaming, the ones I love but never myself

You see I’ve lost myself and all my friends
I need a gentle cool breeze to wake me up again

This brain it’s been working, stuck in overdrive
This heart been neglected, and now it wants to hide
I’m gonna leave this city, and the cobwebs in my head
Gonna make Mother nature, the place I rest my head

This is the age of money, but I can hardly raise a pulse
If this is the age of plenty, mama I sure want something else
And Tuesday’s ad on the radio, been ringing in my head
I’m gonna take this mirage, and cross it out with red