Capo 2nd fret

We’re riding and old car E G
The windows are down A E
The sun is still shining E G
When we’re out of town A E
The road is now dust E G
The bumps are deep A E
Back of the sand dunes E G
You’re sister’s asleep A E

We’re riding the heatwave  E G
We’re going down A E
We’re riding the heatwave E G
It’s a chemical town  A E

We’re riding the heatwave  E G
Blue is now brown A E
We’re riding the heatwave E G
Right out of this town A A E

Find a sandy track
A bit overgrown
Waves on the sandbar
Motor’s cooling down
Shoes in the back seat
We’re feeling the heat
I feel like a fool
Running just to keep cool

Middle of the day
And the sky is black
Temperature’s rising
Greenhouse glowing white
Southerly building
It might come tonight
Southerly building
It might come tonight.

SOLO:       A      Cdim            A      Adim            A      Cdim     
D9      Db9      C9      B7      E