Hold me Tight


You only live once you know Gm Bb
There’s nothing here but ice and snow C Eb
Why not take a chance with me Gm Bb
Its time to let your self free C Eb
It’s a downhill ride I think you know D C
If you fall just let me go Bb A

Hold me close F F# Gm
There’s no one else in sight Gm
Hold me close F F# Gm
It will be alright Gm
Hold me tight F F# Gm
Hold me tight F F# Gm

You stood out among the crowd Gm Bb
I’ve done it before I’ll show you how C Eb
I saw that you were watching me Gm Bb
Overwhelming gravity C Eb
I’d like to catch you on the rise D C
Keep you like a winner’s prize Bb A

We have the mountain at our feet Gm Bb
I’d move the earth to keep it sweet C Eb
Eyes are red, we’ll face the wind Gm Bb
It’s a test I know I’ll win C Eb
Our fate is sown, our dream aroused D C
The brakes have failed, don’t look down Bb A