Steal me to the sun

Capo 7th fret

Give me a reason, give me a sign  Dm 
Tell me its treason to question our lives;  Dm G
We’ve opened the Earth and closed off our minds  Bb  Fmaj7  C  Dm
We were the first to bend back our time  F  G  C  D


Climb a mountain and what do you see   Dm   G
Ride the last river down to the sea   Dm  G
Follow the islands on boats made of rust Bb A
Where do you stand and who do you trust   Bb  C  Bb  C  D

Take me to the moon G D
Take me to the moon G  D
Take me to the moon  G  D
Steal me to the sun C Em7 D
Steal me to the sun Fmaj7 Am7 D

The deepest of oceans are charted and drilled  Dm G
The darkest emotions are plumbed for their thrill  Dm G
The essence of life is ours to unfold Bb A
I heard that the moon is cold Bb A
Its not made of silver or gold  Bb A
All of our myst-er-ies  have been solved Bb C Bb C D

There’s  a hundred new ways to harvest our seeds Dm G
There’s a thousand new ways to steal and to cheat Dm G
There’s a million new ways to make us be free Bb A
And the child in the city is flying Bb A
And the child in the desert is dying Bb A
(And the) child in our hearts is wea-ry Bb C Bb C D