Andrew Tatnell

Summer’s almost gone Em D
The fires are cold D Em                 
The hills  are brown Em D
And fading to gold D Em
The storm clouds rise Em D
In the heat of the night D Em
Its time to fly Em D
In the thunder and light D Em

We’re getting close Em   A
Its an intimate scene A B
We’re climbing high C D
In our minds eye  D Em

We’re storm chasing Em                 
We’re chasing the storm Em                 
We’re storm chasing Em                 
We’re trying to get in to the core  D C        
To the other side  B  Em
Its another world Em B
Let the lighting strike B Em
Won’t you be my girl Em B
Chase me through the night.  B Em

In the aftermath Em  D
When the damage is done D Em
The storm has passed Em D
And we are as one  D Em
We’ll travel on Em  D
To find a new high D Em
Chase another one Em  D
And fly with the light  D Em

Let the sunlight glow Em A
And the hail hit the ground A B
We’ll dance in the rain C  D
An anvil our crown D Em